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Choosing a Pet

A Vet's Top Tips When Choosing a New Pet

  • Make sure you are getting the right animal for you, sounds obvious but make sure you can provide it with adequate attention, exercise, and that you can afford to feed and insure/pay the Vet bills. Larger dogs need more exercise, more food and will lead to more costly Vet bills as doses of medications are size related.
  • If buying from a breeder always ensure you go and see the puppy/kitten where it was bred and ask to see the mother. I would always be suspicious that the puppy was from a puppy farm if the breeder wants to meet you somewhere else.
  • When selecting a breed I would always say temperament is the most important factor to consider. Some breeds do have their health problems but some new cross-breeds can equally be problematic. If you are considering getting a pedigree dog then check out the kennel club webpages.
  • If getting a rescue dog it is wise to have a trial before committing long term to see how it gets on.
  • Rabbits do make great children's pets and companions but they do seem to have their problems especially with teeth. As a small pet I must admit that I see a lot less problems with guinea pigs both behaviourally and medically than Rabbits.
  • Don't just get an animal on a whim it has to be a well thought out decision as it is a big commitment!